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Objective 1: Participants will be better able to summarize and apply the recommendations of the 2017 Canadian Opioid Guideline.
Objective 2: Participants will be better able to manage patients with chronic pain using non-opioid pharmacological treatments such as antidepressants, anticonvulsants and simple analgesics.
Objective 3: Participants will be better able to select the appropriate patient with chronic pain for whom opioid treatment is indicated and titrate the dose.
Objective 4: Participants will be able to prevent opioid use disorder and opioid-related overdose by screening patients at risk, using structured opioid therapy, monitoring and tapering opioids.
Objective 5: Participants will be able to safely switch from one opioid to another.
Objective 6: Participants will be able to identify patients for whom titration is appropriate for and safely taper and discontinue their opioid medication.
The program content was relevant to my discipline/profession
The program content met my expectations
The program content Was well organized
The program content Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest was clearly communicated
The program content I will use the information I learned in my practice
The program content *Was balanced
The program content Enhanced my knowledge
The program content Feedback on knowledge was adequate
The program content Adequate resources for further learning were provided
Please rate the following aspects of the program/activity. By ‘balanced’, we mean that all options and points of view are given impartially with appropriate evidence.

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